ACG - Able Communications Group Customer Stories — Koon Wah

Release time:2018-09-11 11:25:00

Koon Wah is a well known local brand for producing good quality and declicious traditional snacks. The sales network covers the Greater China market and across Europe, the United States and New Zealand, bringing traditional taste to all over the world.

ACG - Able Communications Group provides O2O retail strategy to Koon Wah, seamlessly integrate physical store with online store into one management portal. In offline channel, Koon Wah can directly communicate with customers to understand their needs while they can use online channel to target market includes millennials. With the functional plugin modules provided by EaseSales  (ACG member) , they can customize online store such as manage and leverage member database to keep track of membership purchase record, create multi-level membership and referral rewards program for target customers to stimulate upselling and cross-selling to expand business globally.